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Professional SEO from chilled out folks gets you real results! Content strategy is a must for your brand’s online presence. Our team designs strategies that have long-lasting effects on your website’s ranking and search engine visibility, and that is only done in their coffee break with PPC Advertising team.

Keyword Research

Picking out the right words is important, unlike what the US President does. Our keyword research places you right at the top of the search page.

On-site & Off-site

Optimizing your website to enhance digital visibility, improving its structure, accessibility and loading time. All the while working to divert maximum traffic back to you!

Monthly Reporting

We deliver what we promise. You can rely on us for our Oh, and we also give you a monthly report to throw in the bin as long as you’re making a buck.

SEO Agency in Pakistan

There is no denying the fact that we live in a digital world where it is essential for businesses to have a digital presence. But the question that arises here is how to differentiate yourself when every business has its website? The answer comes in the form of Search Engine Optimization strategies that not only help every business create their own unique website according to their needs but also help them to rank on the search engines.

Aimhike is an SEO agency in Pakistan which provides the best SEO in Pakistan that can help businesses to get on top of any search engine’s results. Why is it so important to rank in the top list? The answer is not very hard to understand, users tend to open those links only, which appear at the top of the search list, or it can be said that the top 5 search results avail highest hits. Hence, it may not be that easy to rank on the first five search engine result pages of a popular search engine like Google, but search engine optimization helps you fulfill this goal of yours in every way possible.

There is no single strategy or tool for search engine optimization (SEO). The tactics are undoubtedly diverse from each other but are definitely effective. Hence, not only your SEO needs to be effective, but also, you need to hire the best SEO company in Pakistan so that they take the matter into their own hands, and strive hard to achieve a better position on Google through different measures that fulfill their goal to become the best SEO agency in Karachi and Lahore, along with yours to have an actual good organic ranking on your website.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is an art through which your website gains position among the pages on a search engine. It is a preferred tool in online digital marketing that every marketer uses in order to make his brand’s digital presence a prominent one. Every SEO consultant in Pakistan or SEO expert in Karachi and Lahore else in the world knows the importance of this tool and how it could take a business to a new height.

Encouraging businesses to opt for digital marketing practices like content marketing, pay per click advertising (PPC), social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), branding, web design, etc. is not an easy job even in 2018, but at least most of the people have now understood the importance of SEO services in Pakistan and that the traditional techniques may be operational but are definitely not effective.

Yet it takes not only time but also, a lot of efforts in talking to businesses of every niche to opt for SEO services in Pakistan or an SEO expert in Pakistan for their own betterment, so that they can compete with the different businesses in the market. But often, businesses or specifically entrepreneurs become rigid at the sound of this and ask how these tactics would work for them when their competitors are still using the traditional methods of marketing.

How Businesses Think SEO Experts Works VS How it Really Works:

Businesses are often largely convinced that search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the online marketing strategies that work like a piece of cake, and does not need hard work or surveillance. Hence, they try to become business marketers themselves and try to SEO their websites themselves which may work 20% of the time if the business is in luck, but fails badly 80% of the time. Hence, believing the fact that search engine optimization service is something that can be pulled off by us successfully is totally wrong, and may lead you in a worse position than before. That is why it is better to let SEO agency in Pakistan handle this task.

SEO is not something that works on a single recipe, but it requires constant work on measuring time. In a general framework, good rankings can be achieved in six months but this is not the case always. In the search Market, numerous SEO agencies in Pakistan are working with SEO experts and doing their effort to place their clients’ websites on the top, so time duration actually depends on the competition. Plus, good SEO work requires a lot of skills like URL handling, backlink, on-page optimization, quality content, link baiting, and off-page optimization. At our digital marketing agency, all these steps are not assigned randomly, but each of our specialists put his expertise to work for the development of your brand.

SEO Company in Karachi & Lahore:

Search engine optimization has been around for some time in other developed countries but it is a relatively new concept in Pakistan and that is why businesses don’t understand the value of SEO consultant in Karachi and Lahore their hesitance isn’t wrong but they need to keep up with the times, thankfully most businesses have understood the benefits that SEO services in Karachi and Lahore and the wonders that these services can do for their business.

How we Believe to be the Pioneers in SEO Services:

Aimhike ranks among the top SEO companies in Pakistan to offer SEO solutions that will help you fight to stand out amongst your competitors and gain the best position on search engines, in a sustainable manner. We work on integrating SEO from the start of your project as it plays a major role in your brand’s development. Our experts work by using their extensive experience and research skills, keeping your ambition in mind, they give professional advice.

We believe in quality and dedication and provide both to our clients along with our business-like creative minds that work for a business’s website like their own, and try to fulfill every goal of their clients without fail. From the surveillance and struggle of search engine page results ranking to looking for keywords through different and effective websites and software, we, as a leading SEO company in Pakistan, make our clients trust our expertise into our services while we work on making their website rank on a better search engine result page than before.

We are one of the very few companies in Pakistan that provide you sales from Google with organic traffic within the provided timeline. Experts at Aimhike help companies in increasing their revenues by generating traffic and making their website visible to users. They will help you get external links also known as link building, which is done to improve your site’s authority on a particular topic. This is done by investing time in research, producing incredible content and marketing it through different ways, like sharing it in the form of social media posts to generate interest. We credibly build links by reaching out to other website owners in that particular topic and get them to backlink to your website so that your website becomes credible.

Why we Believe That Businesses Should OPT for a SEO Agency in Pakistan in 2020:

As digital marketing agents, we strongly believe that our opinion matters, when we give it to the business world for their own betterment. We believe that it is our duty to guide entrepreneurs and organizations towards the latest strategies and tools and make them opt for it so that they do not ever go through a backlash when it comes to competing in the markets.

Due to this reason, we advise our clients, and also, businesses of the different niche to open their eyes and look around them as people have rapidly started opting for this service for themselves, as they finally know the advantage of these digital marketing tactics. Also, we believe that they need to opt for the best digital marketing agency for themselves because along with these tactics, hiring a good and trustable digital marketing agency equally matters.