The Warehouse

The Warehouse is an online apparel and innovative custom printing store that enables people to design and order personalized products. It is also one of the biggest Ecommerce names in Pakistan with a loyal social media following. Behind the glamor and the success, Aimhike works tirelessly to continue putting Warehouse at the forefront of viral trends whilst maintaining a dominant social presence.

The Struggle

The Warehouse lets you design whatever you please, but struggled with original designs and broadcasting its services on the web. Aimhike took control of TWHs social media, PPC marketing, branding and SEO strategy. The Warehouse achieved social media phenomena’s that went viral, swelled up search engine visibility and a fresh brand identity!

The Triumph 

Aimhike focused on online trends and utilized viral memes and videos to become local social media’s most adored ecommerce store. This new fun vibe and strengthened online position elevated TWH to heights unreached before! From the smash hit Uncle Majboor campaign to new custom designs, The Warehouse’s home insurance is Aimhike!