Telemart is one of the most prominent online shopping sites in Pakistan. From technological devices to lifestyle products, the Ecommerce giant can help run your house more efficiently and conveniently. Whilst having a diverse stock since several years, it is only recently that Telemart exploded into the digital scene. What changed? A little thing called Aimhike!

The Struggle

What’s an E-commerce site that is not digitally marketed? Telemart before availing Aimhike’s services had a weak search engine presence and, despite having a well-developed website and product variety, lacked search engine visibility. Telemart needed to be presented to the Digital mart. Aimhike came to the rescue with specialized PPC campaigns and SEO solutions

The Triumph

By providing Telemart with a smart content strategy and an occasional PPC run, Aimhike established Telemart as the undisputed giant of the Ecommerce world by reserving them a permanent seat on the first page of Google searches’. Telemart has become synonymous with online shopping in Pakistan and has earned a well-deserved spot of being the country’s most trusted online store!