International organizations want our digital services, obviously! STEDB is an acclaimed email marketing firm which aims to provide its clients with effective communication on mailing platforms. STEDB, is a digital marketer for a sole platform and even they needed Aimhike, a 360 digital marketing agency. Talk about a partnership made in heaven!

The Struggle

Whilst being a great email marketing service, STEDB needed serious assistance to put itself out there and present itself as an actual brand. The email marketer needed marketing! A well thought-out content strategy was executed which involved keyword research, PPC marketing, blogging and pizza fueled content writers and SEO strategists. STEDB was primed to be revealed to the world in an all new light!

The Triumph

STEDB gained sudden popularity and rise in customers. It always had the potential to provide the quality email marketing service that it does, but never got to perform. Aimhike ensured that STEDB had the world’s attention. We gave STEDB a brand identity whilst bringing it out of the shadows to serious search engine visibility.