Perk Up

<style=”font-size: 18px;”>Perk Up is a customer loyalty, marketing and business management platform. Businesses associated with Perk Up get a customized loyalty program to reward their customers and encourage them to visit and spend more. Perk Up provides some of the most feature rich retail management and POS systems for any management platform, however, this was not always the case!</style>

The Struggle

Perk Up needed to be perked up! Something that happens when you lack growth hiking. The business management tool was certainly aiding their clients business’s but needed to be presented in a better and wider light to increase their own. By handling their branding, PPC and Social Media marketing, Aimhike wanted to build Perk Up’s digital presence

The Triumph

It was time for Perk Up to turn up after Aimhike came to the rescue! From innovative posts on social platforms to helping develop their brand identity and positioning them right at the top of Google searches, Perk Up was primed and ready for the big time! Today, Perk Up handles all sorts of businesses such as restaurants, salons, grocery stores and fitness centers among others.