Sometimes, you need more than just Marty’s help to save your future, you need premium digital marketing skills! For that, The Deloreon Motor Company contacted Aimhike. Within DMC comes its line of wristwatches, a relatively new extension by the company which aims to breath new life in their finances. We redirected DMC watches back to…. The future!

The Struggle

Despite playing a fundamental role in one of cinema’s most iconic props, DMC is a relatively unknown company. So when an automotive company comes out with wristwatches, there was some clear confusion and distrust among the online community, the main platform where DMC watches deal. DMC needed to revamp its brand image and gain the trust of its customers.

The Triumph

Aimhike helped DMC both at branding and at marketing the newly reshaped brand. Through a content strategy coupled with PPC campaigns, it was fundamental to put the new face of DMC in the public eye and to project their watches at every chance. Aimhike made DMC more than just the car from the movie! DMC watches is now a brand, and a reputable one at that!