Kaarmaya Fabrics is a reputed name in the manufacturing of quality fabrics all over Pakistan. Being the local pioneers in the manufacturing of blended fabrics, Kaarmaya knows how to style you up. It’s hard to believe that the brand we know today was just another enthusiastic business idea before it came to Aimhike. That’s some good Karmaya right there!

The Struggle

Kaarmaya was an infant start up, a mere dream that needed to be built from the ground up. It was Aimhike who came up with the brand’s name which in Persian means “Positive Energy.” This was followed by aggressive marketing by our team! The positive energy certainly seems to have translated into one of the best digital marketing success stories in the local market.

The Triumph

The result? Kaarmaya showed exponential growth and became an industry influencer faster than the beanstalk from Jack’s magical beans! Aimhike builds business and generates revenue through defining branding. Kaarmaya’s success personifies the power of digital marketing and how Aimhike can elevate your brand to that next level!