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One of Aimhike’s clients that we are truly proud of, Alif Ailaan is a nonprofit organization working for educational reform and accessibility for all, including in remote areas such as Azad Kashmir and FATA. Their goal? To get every child into a school and provide them quality education. A noble pursuit that Aimhike was more than willing to contribute to.

The Struggle

Alif Alaan’s vision, although mighty, is fairly recent. Formed in 2013, the NGO lacks influential power especially in the digital media industry where it had next to none expertise. Alif Ailaan needed a strong campaign which could propel them to be one of Pakistan’s most prominent welfare organizations. From Alif Ailaan, Aimhike developed the hit campaign “Midterm Report Card.”

The Triumph

Midterm Report Card was a critique of our politicians after half of their tenure was complete. The campaign demonstrated how the government was neglecting the education sector. Not only was Aimhike responsible for campaign development but also for media buying. We broadcasted “Midterm Report Card” on influential digital bodies such as Youtube, Whatsapp, ARY, Express Tribune among many others.