Digital Marketing and industries have a long history ever since this field of work has been discovered. SEO and PPC help a business develop a clientele and provides more than usual traffic by showing service providers that match a user’s preference and visitors to those businesses and their websites. Digital Marketing has laid its roots in the Asian market in the last few years. Aimhike is a digital marketing firm that has helped over 150 companies gain a prominent online presence and increase their traffic with the help of SEO, PPC, social media marketing, content writing marketing, email marketing, graphic designing, video animations and a whole lot of other methods.

Clothing has been a strong and prominent market in the Asian space. The market for clothing has always been a very competitive branch of business. Aimhike has helped the following brands build a strong online presence bu using digital marketing industries.

  • Wardha Saleem (Women’s Fashion Designer)
  • Anam Naeem (Women’s Fashion Designer)
  • Azalea (Women’s Fashion Designer)
  • Rouche (Women’s Fashion Designer)
  • Humayun Alamgir (Men’s Fashion Designer)
  • Shahzeb Saeed (Men’s Fashion Designer)
  • Kaarmaya (Men’s Unstitched Fabric)
  • Global Stock (Kids Clothing)

The market for electronics and gadgets is always growing, every minute there is a new technology just around the corner and you have to be ahead of the curve to gain massive success in this market.

  • United Mobile (Mobile Phone Importer)
  • Voice Mobile (Local Mobile Manufacturer)

The software and IT business are always about staying ahead of the curve and in this business, the main step is to always be aware of your competitors, this is the easiest market to enter but it is the hardest to maintain.

  • GoSpark
  • Cooperative Computing (Software House)
  • SafePay (Payment Gateway Provider for e-com Stores)
  • STEDB (Email Marketing)
  • Q Shop (Online Grocery Store in Dubai)
  • My Book Qatar (Online Deals/Discount App)

Finance is one of those markets which is not accessible by everyone, it requires a skill set and an idea of how to play with money but also keep it safe.

  • Pak Qatar Takaful (Islamic Insurance)
  • ICM (Forex Trading Provider)
  • MoneyGram (Money Transfer)

The automobile industry is an essential market that controls the main transportation of a metropolitan city it is an industry that works on creativity and introducing new features to intice new people

  • AutoExpert (Online Mechanic Services)
  • Landirenzo Pakistan (Italian CNG Kit Company)

Education is the core of a country and Aimhike takes pride in helping these institutions prosper as when a country’s education succeeds so does the country

  • Habib University
  • KSBL (Karachi School of Business & Leadership)
  • IBA (Institute of Business Administration)
  • KITE (Karachi Institute of Technology & Entrepreneurship)
  • Success Factor (Educational Counselor)
  • Edwise Education (Educational Counselor)

Travel and tourism is an industry that works on providing luxurious vacations to people who work hard each and every day, this industry is all about providing extravagant luxuries that a person cannot avail every day, an out of the ordinary experience

  • Mala Yachts (Yachting in Dubai)
  • Labbaik Tours (Umrah Travel/Tours Based in USA)
  • Easy Yacht (Yachting in Dubai)
  • Mala Tour (Tour Based in Dubai)

NGO’S play a very important role in building the infrastructure of a country as they help people to which the government cannot reach, people who need everyday life items but are unable to get them on regular basis these sectors are important in the growth of a nation

  • Alif Ailaan (NGO in Islamabad)
  • Naya Jeevan (NGO in Karachi)

Beauty and fitness is one industry that is linked with lifestyle and providing people services that they not necessarily need but want these industries thrive on making people the best version of themselves

  • Mint Beauty Solutions (Salon in Karachi)
  • Laiqa Hasan Salon & Spa (Salon in Karachi)
  • Adrenaline Gym (Gym in Karachi)
  • Carbon Fitness (Gym in Karachi)

Food and beverages is an industry that works on everyday basis 24 hours 7 days a week, not a day goes by without these guys contributing something towards their market, this industry is evergreen and always has room to grow more

  • Batato’s (Potato Chips Brand)
  • BBQ Tonight Dubai (Restaurant in Dubai)
  • BBQ Tonight Riyadh (Restaurant in Riyadh)
  • BBQ Tonight Jeddah (Restaurant in Jeddah)
  • Cuppa Cafe Doha (Restaurant in Doha)
  • Chai In The Sky (Restaurant in Karachi)
  • Volcano Grill (Restaurant in Karachi)

Toys are a child’s best friend and no childhood is complete without them the blissful joy that smears across a child”s face is a reward in itself, this industry takes pride in spreading joys around the world and thrive on creativity

  • Tech Toys
  • Bachaa Party

Public figures always have a target on their backs as they are well known among the public people are always finding ways to defame them and bring them down but no matter what the truth must prevail and we do our best to convey their voices to the masses

  • Aqeel Karim Dhedhi (Online Profile Management)
  • Asad Umar (Online Profile Management)

E-commerce is a mixture of many industries that work on providing different and various services all without minimum social interaction, this branch works solely on the internet and most of them take pride in bringing new and unique products to different markets on a daily basis

  • Telemart (General e-com Store)
  • The Warehouse (Custom Printing Store)
  • Chase Value Center (Departmental e-com Store)
  • (Girls Fashion e-com Store)
  • (Women’s Fashion e-com Store)
  • (UK’s Brand for Children’s Clothing)
  • (Mens Fashion e-com Store)
  • (US’s Brand for Mens Leather Jacket)

Healthcare is a very serious industry as lives hang in balance in this field of work, the people working in this sector need to keep their head in the right place and need to focus on what’s important.

  • Dr. Ahmed Abdullah (Plastic Surgeon)
  • Mera Dentist (Clinic)
  • Greeniche (Canada’s Brand for Health & Organic Medicine)

Watches have a deep-rooted connection with us, watches have been around for numerous years but no matter how much advancements humans have made, watches have proven to be timeless art pieces that can be treated as wearable art

  • Citizen (in Pakistan)
  • Rolex (in Pakistan)
  • Tic2Toc (UK’s Online Watch Store)
  • Vault Time LTD (UK’s Online Watch Store)
  • DMC (UK’s Online Watch Store)

Real estate is an industry that never rests and it is linked with the infrastructure of a country, a nation cannot prosper without buildings and houses, these guys are the core of human development, this branch of industry needs new and newer architectural methods to stay ahead in the game.

  • Bahria Town Karachi