Corporate Identity

Brand identity development being equal to the logo design is only a small chunk of the story. Brand identity begins with logo design, but it goes much farther. Aimhike understands that while a logo is neither the end nor the whole of corporate identity, it is the main sphere. An anchor point and the most encountered image asset you possess. Which means it must fulfill critical all the technical requirements. We keep in mind how important it is to keep a design simple yet recognizable, enduring and have the capacity to communicate in purely visual terms.

Lead Generation

Logo designing begins with exploration. Our corporate identity designers are experts at formulating desired signatures and create word marks that express the typical character of a business; creating a positive impact in form of conversions. For every project, we conduct an extensive research of all design aspects. We work through numerous sketches to generate a range of stylistic options to give clients a sense of choice and to provoke thought about how creatively to visually articulate a business or a particular product.

Easy targeting

We have successfully guided numerous businesses during the complex processes of logo conceptualization and refinement. Whether we work for start-ups or corporate giants, we always keep their corporate identities deep and distinguished. The collection of media used for branding collateral also helps a brand in building its identity.