Powerful SEO Strategy

8 Building Blocks of a Powerful SEO Strategy

We all know that it is almost impossible for a digital marketing agency to be operated by a single operation or department. The cyber world is evolving with the pace of lighting which adds more and more perspectives on marketing every year. However, there are some parts of every media marketing agency which are crucial and the progress over them is non-negotiable. One of these operations is the technique of SEO.

SEO, as it stands for Search Engine Optimization, is one of the core ingredients of any successful online marketing campaign. But if you are familiar with the term (which of course you are ) there is a good chance that you know already that it is not easy at all but it is definitely worth it.

According to Jason DeMer from Forbes,

“We know, for instance, that achieving the #1 spot for a given keyword means getting about 33% of the clicks.“

Powerful isn’t it? But the complexity of SEO is not easy to handle and resolve. It takes a lot to keep your website at the top positions on the first page of search engine and the struggle continues till your last breath. Therefore, you will need a solid, composed plan for your SEO activities based on the crucial factors on which the operation depends.

An unorganized approach will lead you nowhere except for confusion and failure. But what actually are the components on which you need to build your SEO strategy on?

Here is a list of 10 building components of a powerful SEO strategy.

Powerful SEO Strategy

1.    User-Friendly Site Composition is Necessary

SEO is not just based on some clicks and drags. It is actually the sum of a lot of operations and you have to take care of a lot of detail as well. One of them is the composition of your site. You have to make sure that it is user-friendly. Why? Because research shows that 40% of the people tend to leave the website in 3 seconds if they struggle to find what the want.

2.    Clean and Composed Codes are the Key to Successful SEO Strategy.

For every site, the most important goal is to get indexed and crawled by Google. For the purpose, it is really important that is written with the best HTML and CSS practices. This is one of the most basic rules of SEO and is followed by every standard SEO agency in Pakistan.

3.    Attach Only Relevant Pages To Your Site

As mentioned above, your first and foremost goal is to make your user’s experience a comfortable one with your sight. That is why having only useful and relevant pages at your site are very important. If the user will find your site confusing and difficult to use they will obviously bounce back, switching to the other site in the result which you definitely don’t want to happen. Being smart with your internal linking is another practice that can make a big difference. Make your main offers abundantly clear, and make sure their presentation is extremely user-friendly.

4.    Optimizing Your Site For Mobile Is not Important. It's Necessary!

There is no place for delayed updates in digital marketing, especially in SEO. Optimizing your site for mobile is an update which you should consider a sin to avoid. A website not being mobile friendly means losing 70 % of the masses which can be your potential audience.

In this era, where there are probably more mobile users than desktop or laptop users, taking care of mobile marketing is a must.

5.    Don’t Forget to do Local SEO for Local Customers

Local information is the kind of prized possession for SEO that one can definitely not dare to miss. This may seem absurd but so many people use search engines to search for local information which can help to boost your website to a greater extent. Therefore, optimizing your site for local search is very important. In other words, you must do the NAP game. NAP stands for Name, Adress, and phone number, and it must be consistent across all of your various business postings, listings, and profiles.

Not only it will help you target your local audience but it also makes easier for Google to determine the location of your business and link searches near to the areas they might be looking for the product or service you offer.

6.    Switching to HTTPS

Securing to HTTPs may seem to be troublesome and problematic as often it causes some site-speed issues in some cases, this is due to the fact that it requires some extra “handshakes” in order to serve up web content.

But let me tell you, it is definitely worth the trouble. As Google has confirmed that these HTTPs switches can help one get a better ranking. Of course, you won’t magically top every search engine ’s page due to this, but it definitely has an effect, and a good one.

7.    InterConnect Your Site with Social Media

It may not have occurred to a few, but social media has an unclear but deep relation to SEO. While it may not have a direct relation to your SEO activities but having a strong social media presence definitely creates a good impact on your site. And maybe that is why no social media marketing agency in Pakistan runs without the department of SEO.

But this does not mean that you should necessarily claim each and every social media account.

Neil Patel from Quick Sprout says

“Some have tried using every social network, but the common result is multiple accounts with little to no interaction.

A better strategy is to focus on just a couple social networks or even one social network.”

8.    Powerful Content Marketing Never Goes in Vain

Content marketing is the most useful tool you can use to do your SEO right. According to a study, organizations with blog pages have much more chances of getting indexed than those who don’t.

Well, these are the first few things that you need to take care of while planning an SEO strategy. Of course, there is so much more like SEO ranking factors and tips and trick for better SEO. But to build an initial strategy, the above-mentioned points will hopefully be enough.

Reason Why Content Plan Is Necessary

Reason Why Content Plan Is Necessary

What is the purpose of Content Planning? Why is it important for my website? These are some questions that would have come across your mind and as a top digital marketing agency in Pakistan, we wanted to share our thoughts on the topic. While you might have viewed this as simply an organizational tool, there is actually much more much more related to it.

It’s All about Knowing

Familiarity plays an important role when it comes to conversions. There is a common psychological effect which causes people to develop a preference for things which they see more often. This Familiarity Principle has been effectively used to help increase conversions.

Reason Why Content Plan Is Necessary

Well planned and well-researched content lead to familiarity as people start connecting to your business and brand through the content. That familiarity in turn leads to trust, which then leads to conversions, resulting in greater revenue.


Most of the people think that content is related to customer acquisition only. This is true especially on the B2B level where many buyers will view multiple pieces of content prior to reaching out to a sales representative but it is also extremely valuable for customer retention.

How to plan a content?

1- Set the goal

Setting the objective is the first part of the process. What are you looking for, exactly? New leads or are you trying to entice former customers to make new purchases? It is important to have a clear goal so that you can work accordingly.

2- Conduct research

Many marketing agencies in Pakistan believe in researching about the competition, non-competitive businesses within the industry. Do not forget to focus on your users and their needs.

3- Develop content

Now is the time for the actual creation of content. Make the content ready for distribution on its target date.

4- Distribute content

After creating the content, you need to make sure that the content is distributed properly to reach the target audience. This phase holds equal importance as the development because if it never gets in front of the people it needs to be in front of, then your efforts will have been in vain. You need to know about the platforms where content will be distributed to along with how you will notify people of the content posting.

5- Analyze results

Lastly, there should be enough time to analyze your work. Ideally you had benchmark numbers set ahead of time and now you can review analytics so see if you met goals or not. Also, look out for the areas that need improvement, ask your customers for review.

Producing more and more content is not the key but producing the right content with right research and right planning is definitely the key.

What Kind of Content Should Be Used for Local SEO?

What Kind of Content Should Be Used for Local SEO?

A question that small and mid-sized businesses should be asking themselves is, what are the best types of content for local SEO? As a leading digital marketing agency in Pakistan, we wanted to share our thoughts on the subject to help you position your business in a better position to capture the local market.

What Kind of Content Should Be Used for Local SEO?

What should be your goals for local SEO?

First and foremost, you need to do your research regarding content that converts users. Sometimes people get caught up in fads or concepts that might not be truly relevant to the local scene. Let’s discuss a little more on what your goals should be at a local level:



Everyone wants to become the ideal authority within the market whom people turn to for trusted information. If you own a small business, then thinking of becoming the authority is not ideal but the goal should be at a minimum to become a top voice within your community.


Geographical Reach

Geographical reach depends on the geographical circle your business services. Your business should include all the territories you want to expand into. This plays a major role in gaining your desired geographical reach. Depending on the area you operate in and how big your business circle is. It might be neighborhood-based, others might take it as the city or county you are working in. If you want to use local geographical names within your content then how will you meet the goals? A proper website design/implementation and regular content focused on the local level works collectively to maximize the geographical reach.


Basics for Local Websites

Every local business should have the following items on their website at a minimum. Along with content, these basics will help your site in local searches.


Home Page

Your homepage serves as a valuable landing page. While many people don’t always endorse a homepage, it is still a jumping off point for people to arrive at before journeying further into your business.


Contact Information

Your website should clearly state your business name, your address and the phone number listed. If you have a fax number, contact emails, or any other source of contact, make sure to add them as well. This information needs to be in HTML format to be crawled by search engines and consistent across all pages.


Contact Us Page

In addition to having contact information, there should be a separate page/button in other locations such as the home page or footer, which has all the basics included in a summary of services, a map of the location, parking directions if needed, directions from major traffic arteries, and the hours of operation.


Reviews or Testimonials

Include reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers on your website. This helps in gaining trust and attracting new clients.



A must for any page is having optimized calls-to-action buttons.


Products and Services

Your products and services should be clearly described along with specs, price, images, etc. Common FAQs, reviews and video demonstrations also add value to your website.



Return policies, customer service policies, and other policies related to business interactions with customers need to be stated clearly. This helps customers to interact with the employees.


Area Landing Pages

These should be used depending on your geographical reach. For example, if you operate in multiple cities, you need an individual landing page for each city.


About Page

About page is the place where you could deliver the background information on the business, goals, awards, local connections, community support and the like in a great way. When focusing on Local SEO this is an important page because you can link to places like the local service groups you might be a part of.

You need to ensure your site is optimized using all of the local business listings available to you such as Google My Business, YP, Facebook, Yelp, etc. Being a leading social media agency in Pakistan and pioneer of comic industry in local market, we integrate social media marketing with search engine optimization for optimal results. You need to include all of the vital information from the Contact Us page and make sure it is 100% accurate.


Ideas for Local Content

One of the most important aspects of local content is putting yourself in place of your consumer. Once you are able to do that, you will be able to understand the types of content you need to create to connect with them and showcase your authority, in a better way.



What does the consumer want to know what goes with the authority of your business? This is a common theme of Google searches, learning about something and then applying the same thing for your brand’s benefit.



Why would the consumer want to buy something you sell? Make it appealing and it would grab consumer’s attention.



People are always on the hunt to do things. Start doing engaging activities or services related to your business in a fun way. This will help you develop a connection with your consumer.



Start expanding your business. When people travel, they want places to stay, places to eat, things to do, and in some cases, they need to buy products they might need on the go.

Within these categories, you can expand your business on a local scale. As a top SEO agency in Pakistan, we would say that for some businesses, local SEO offers a great opportunity to rise against large businesses and chains. By using the best types of content for Local SEO and optimizing your website properly you can look to outrank the big boys in local searches and take your business to a new place in the world of digital marketing.


3 SEO Techniques That Will Help You Stand Out

There are a number of techniques and strategies that are mentioned over and over again and then there are some very unique and creative strategies that don’t get talked about, but they are very effective. The purpose of this article is to provide you an overview of what techniques work the best when it comes to search engine optimization.


1- In-Depth Topic Coverage

SEO as a high value-adding marketing practice, it must be pretty important to do some in-depth topic research. Keyword research is one of the most basic things that is taught to beginners learning SEO. It is still very effective to this day and any SEO consultant in Pakistan cannot ignore the importance of keyword search. Keyword research is a technique that is evolving day by day and this gives Google the ability to understand your searches, regardless of how you phrase them. They are by no means perfect, but they get much better with the right keywords.

2- Re-Optimizing Existing Content

Your website needs an audit every once in a while. You should conduct a content audit on your site quarterly, half-year and annually. This audit helps you to improve articles, merge them together, or even remove them if needed. If you are a consistent blogger with your website being a content-creating machine, it could be an untapped gold mine in disguise. Once an article is published, bloggers simply forget about it and move onto the next one, not realizing the potential of their site’s existing content. There are numerous ways of re-optimizing the existing content on your site.

3- Redirect Management and 404 Link Reclamation

When you pass your site’s old version through a facelift, the site’s URL structure is often changed by the developers working on it. This might be due to any structural reason, SEO reasons, or for no reason at all. Regardless of the reason, redirect management is very crucial. Redirects, specifically 301 redirects, pass the link equity of an old page on a site to a new page. If you are going through a website revamp without redirect management then you will likely lose your rankings and traffic. Let’s say you forget about redirect management while going through a site revamp. You know what will happen next? The old URL of the page will give visitors a 404 error. This is because they are not redirected. If you are stuck in this situation, you quickly need to redirect the URL to a page that is relevant or if none are, the home page.

So, these were the top 3 strategies by an SEO agency in Pakistan that will help you take your articles to a better rank on Google.

4 PracticesWooCommerce-Aimhike

4 Practices to Supercharge Your WooCommerce Development

WooCommerce has become a very popular plugin for adding robust eCommerce capabilities to WordPress. As more and more businesses use the platform, you need to be on the ball to develop quality WooCommerce solutions.

4 PracticesWooCommerce-Aimhike

As a leading digital marketing agency, we have decided to share 4 best practices to ignite your WooCommerce development, which are as follows:

1- Use WooCommerce Hooks Wherever Possible

WordPress hooks enable you to manipulate a code written elsewhere on the platform so that you could create custom output without needing to hack into the core code. Hooks are of two types; actions and filters. Action hook will specifically take care of carrying out any custom functionality, while filters will modify the existing content.


2- Develop as though you’re coding for WordPress

WooCommerce development follows general WordPress guidelines, which is a good thing, as there’s a plethora of information available about how to code for WordPress, which can be easily adapted for WooCommerce coding has almost the same guidelines as that of WordPress. Which means, WordPress guidelines will also apply to WooCommerce. There are resources related to design, accessibility and much more to keep you occupied.


3- Base Custom Themes on Provided Templates

WooCommerce themes work like any other niche solutions, with additional templates. Before All you need to do is, feel confident about how the overall process works. If you’re not sure or confident enough then, starting with the regular Wordpress theme documentation is a good idea.

These themes work according to a proper template hierarchy, and it’s a straightforward process. For instance, each type of page in WordPress looks for the most specific version of itself available and WooCommerce has its own custom templates and structure, readily available for reference. Once you find what you need, you can edit it accordingly.


4- Become Familiar With the REST API

There is a REST API offered by WordPress, which WooCommerce extends with custom endpoints to offer access to orders, products, and much more. You get complete access to your WooCommerce data by utilizing JSON objects. A WordPress project that is built using the REST API can have this feature of e-commerce functionality added with WooCommerce’s own version of the REST API.

WooCommerce is a popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress, which ensures a bright future for its owners. As it continues to gain popularity and success among developers, staying up-to-date with the plugin’s development will help you to develop quality solutions, and serve your clients with a better eCommerce experience.


6 Underrated but Effective Conversion Optimization

Conversion rate optimization and SEO have a rather symbiotic relationship; they rely on each other in order to function. Just like a salesman cannot flourish without a steady flow of customers, nothing can drive conversions without traffic coming to your website. On the other hand, what good can you achieve through customers if you don’t have an effective strategy to influence them into making a conversion? Most conversion rate optimization techniques follow the same pattern. Find a specific element, change an attribute and run tests until you get positive results.


There are, however, some CRO tactics that don’t get much attention but can yield impressive results. They are as follows:

1- Improve Site Speed

There is a direct relationship between site speed and search engine rankings. According to Google, faster sites get a boost in the SERPs, which means that improvement in a site’s speed can result in increased conversions.

2- Design Every Page for Just One Purpose

This might sound like an obvious point but some people overlook the importance. Every page of your site must serve a single purpose which also goes with the headline of your page. For example, if you design a page to capture emails, it should only capture emails and not get users to install apps or buy a product.

3- Keep Your Best Content Above the Fold

Keeping your content above the fold means keeping it in the area that is immediately visible when you first land on a site without scrolling. This is crucial for conversions because users spend 80% of their time watching the content which is present above the fold.

4. Use more dynamic pop-ups

While pop-ups are everywhere, simply giving you an offer and asking for your email. Instead of asking for visitor’s email in exchange for a free ebook you can get a lot more from pop-ups if you focus on designing a more interactive session for the user.

5. Reduce The Number of Fields in Forms (Especially Mobile Forms)

Forms consisting of 10 different fields can easily put users off. In most cases, fewer fields in the form lead to more conversions. You need to minimize friction and give users a seamless experience by reducing unnecessary fields. Keeping this thing in mind that anywhere between 3-5 fields is the sweet spot.

6. Make Your CTAs Stand Out

A lot of marketers ignore the importance of CTAs. Your CTA needs to be catchy because CTA lets users decide if they want to sign up for your business or not. Make sure your CTA easily stands out in aspects of color, size, and shape.

These were the 6 underrated tactics that we wanted to share being an experienced digital marketing agency Pakistan to help you boost your conversions instantly.


Your Mobile App Marketing Guide

Aimhike understands that creating a successful mobile app marketing plan is not an easy task, however, it holds great importance in the digital marketing field. One can easily spot the difference between a well-marketed app and the apps that were poorly marketed. Any digital marketing agency Pakistan would agree on the importance of proper mobile app marketing. This is why we have decided to assemble a quick guide for you but it should be kept in mind that this guide on its own will not guarantee that your app’s launch will be successful. Your app still needs to provide value to its users and should be well-designed.


A good mobile app marketing plan includes a combination of following strategies:


Optimization in the App Store

You need a catchy name for your app and a well-described meta information which should be labeled with the proper search keywords and should not be irrelevant.Then you need to think about your current and future competitors within your niche in regards to the keywords being used because sometimes people copy keywords of apps that are trending and try to take credits for it.


Create a Landing Page

You need a landing page for your app on your website. Creating a landing page will enable you to have full advantage of organic keyword queries and you can also provide additional information beyond the meta description of your app which is congested in the app store. Your page will exhibit your app using keywords while covering its features and advantages.


Obtain Product Reviews

There are a plenty of websites that provide reviews for apps. If you are confident enough, you should submit your app to some of those sites in order to present a social proof from experts about the value your product adds in the market.


Use Social Media Marketing

Social media is the most powerful tool when it comes to marketing. There are various social media platforms available according to every product. If you want to drive attention towards your app event before it is launched, social media marketing is your best bet.

Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is also one of the best options for your app promotion. If email is your business’s primary contact medium then your app can be included as a news item with an icon and link to the app store.


Use First-time Rewards

Giveaway a promotional discount for first downloads to help kick off a product launch. This is a tried and tested tactic which works for mobile apps as well. It can be something like offering the first 500 registrants some tokens to use within an app game or something similar.



Designing and developing a great app is only a small part of the game in mobile app development. The major critical part is having a lined-up strategy for a good launch and then constant success. Today, we highlighted the major points which make any mobile app a success for its developers.