The Biggest Trends That Define Paid Search Marketing

The Biggest Trends That Define Paid Search Marketing

PPC has done an excellent job in the past and so another year has proved to be pretty beneficial to the digital marketing agencies in terms of business, thanks to the wonders of PPC. This calls for a check on the future of PPC for the digital performance marketing. So what are some of the biggest trends of PPC that are going to do wonders in the late of 2018 and in the year to come?

The Biggest Trends That Define Paid Search Marketing

Mobile Prominence

Back in 2015, as per the Google reports, most of the searches were performed on the mobile phones than PCs in the United States. Now as more people begin using their phones and tablets for making any searches on the Google, companies can see more mobile clicks. So this indicates that the advertisers should focus primarily on the mobile first approach and take according appropriate measure to optimize their PPC ads accordingly as well. The key to getting the most out of the paid search advertising calls for making sure that landing pages are super fast, simple and very targeted.

The New AdWords Interface

According to the President of Page Zero Media, Andrew Goodman, every other PPC practitioner is concerned with the forced switch to the 'New Adwords Interface'.

It is important to note that with the new interface, the early bird gets the worm. Promotion extensions on ads are only available in the new interface, and that can give you a competitive advantage. Switching to a new Adwords Interface might become difficult at times but you have no better option than to choose. And this is what SEO agencies in Pakistan are also following.

Personalized PPC

It is expected that the paid search advertising will continue to become more data-driven with ? abundance of data about the searcher. Specifically, re-marketing will keep on increasing, enabling advertisers to specifically take after their group of audience around digital marketing on a consumer's prior engagement with the brand. The rationale is straightforward, your group of audience is substantially more liable to click something when they have drawn in with already previously.

Keyword Winning

According to Larry Alton, a contribute to Search Engine Journal, the beginning of the end for keywords has already begun. According to the experts in this field, the time has come to wave off the keywords and bid them a farewell. They predict that keywords will be knocked off from the top priority list in the PPC strategies. This shall result with the adaptation of product listing ads (PLAs) and also the growing focus of search engines on the semantic search.

Voice and Visual Search Affect Client Conduct Before Advertisements

The voice look has brought full sentences to both the way we inquiry and the reactions we get from the engines. People are using the voice search increasingly since past few years and this development in the search methods is certainly to be noted by the Paid searchers. The voice and visual searches are still in their emerging phase and advertisers should closely monitor the search behaviors with these media change.

Benefits Of Facebook Marketing

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

The old-school tactics of television advertisements and radio have gone, and the social media revolution has arrived!

With the passage of time, or maybe in a few years, television would stop having an influence on the consumers too, just like other old-fashioned marketing tactics like flyers and radio did. Hence, all these tactics have already been replaced by the digital ways of marketing, and would soon take over them too.

Benefits Of Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the most widely-used social media platforms throughout the world. Due to this reason, Facebook is being extensively used for marketing purposes and is successfully making quite an impact on consumers.

With the vast use of digital marketing techniques nowadays, social media marketing is one of the services that are provided by a digital marketing agency in Pakistan to businesses and entrepreneurs.

Without further ado, let’s go through some of the reasons why Facebook should be made a source of marketing your business:

  1. Effective brand recognition:

Believe it or not, but whatever lands on Facebook spread like wildfire. Hence, it becomes easier for the consumers to recognize a brand on a famous social media platform like Facebook than any other platforms. Brand building and recognition is one of the most important aspects of today’s market, and should always be taken into concern by a business.


  1. Increases traffic:

Facebook is an effective platform that helps to increase traffic of a business easily. This can be done when you share interesting things on your business profile of Facebook which goes viral and spreads widely among the people. Hence, recognition would undoubtedly lead to traffic on your page and website, which will further lead to more sales of your products or services.


  1. Learn more about your consumers:

Through social media platforms especially Facebook, an entrepreneur can learn more about his audience, and the consumers that have been targeted through his Facebook marketing. This will let him know what his next move or product should be according to his audience’s need.


  1. Your consumers learn more about you:

Pinned posts, shares, and many other ways can be used to keep your consumers updated about the sales you’re having, the products you’re launching, and the discounts you’re offering to your consumers. Hence, these posts not only build traffic on your page and site but also keep users updated about everything.


  1. Easy to know what your competitors are up to:

The last benefit of Facebook marketing is that you can easily know what your competitors are doing in the market, what deals they are offering now to their consumers, and what their next launch is. With all that information, you can sort out your business and compete with your competitors accordingly.

Online marketing in Pakistan has become quite famous with the passage of time. The services provided by the digital marketing agencies have become quite crucial to adopt, due to the increasing competition in the market. Hence, Facebook marketing is one of these services that have become an important part of advertising a business.