These Brand War Advertisements Define Creativity in the Best Way Possible

These Brand War Advertisements Define Creativity in the Best Way Possible

The world of advertisement is full of surprises and entertainment. Big brands want to stay in the news one way or another. This need has given rise to comparative advertising which beats ordinary advertising weighing on the levels of entertainment. Comparative advertising is when brands take on one another and openly mock rival’s tagline, product or overall marketing strategy.

In this era of competition, brands are not at all afraid to indulge in brand war ads and ambush marketing. In order to attract audience, brands love to engage in dirty advertising which benefits them in long run. If everyone is talking about your hit on the rival brand, you have won the race.

Here is our compilation of one of the most iconic brand wars that led consumers talking about them for many and many weeks or even months. Have a look and don’t forget to appreciate the marketing teams working at these brands.

Brand War Advertisement

These Brand War Advertisements Define Creativity in the Best Way Possible

  1. Pepsi vs Coca Cola

Pepsi and Coca Cola are two of the most favorite soft drinks around the world. Some love pepsi while some don’t drink anything other than their loved cola. These two brands often engage in ad wars but these ones are the best.

Pepsi vs Coca Cola

Coca Cola

  1. FedEx vs DHL

FedEx and DHL are two leading courier services that also engaged in a marketing war.



Cool, right?

  1. Samsung vs Apple

This debate can never end. Some prefer android while others cannot live without iOS. But this brand war was the lit of all.


Apple replied smartly.

Apple replied smartly.

This one from Samsung was the craziest one.


  1. BMW vs Audi

This series of photos will explain you this brand war itself.


Audi Reply

  1. Jet Airlines vs Kingfisher Airlines

Ooohhh! This brand caught our attention too.

Jet Airlines

Do you have any in your mind? Share with us in the comments below.



5 Digital Marketing Aspects Every Agency should have Command on

5 Digital Marketing Aspects Every Agency Should have Command on

Digital marketing itself is a term so vast that it beholds many other branches in it. Therefore, there are certain departments in every digital marketing agency which should excel by every means. Considering all the dimensions of marketing in Pakistan, here are 6 departments for every digital marketing venture in which they should prove to be highly skillful.

5 Digital Marketing Aspects Every Agency should have Command on

Social Media Marketing

Cyberworld has evolved so much that now the requirements of marketing are totally changed from what they were 5 to 10 years ago. The most prominent change is the importance of social media in digital marketing. Considering the fact that more than half of the population uses social media as a communication and entertainment platform, it isn’t surprising that companies now look forward to get viral on Instagram Facebook and other social media applications.

But despite of the deceptive ease of usage of social media, it is not easy now a days to the right kind of marketing due to infinite competition. This is why social media marketers are the need of every agency these days.

Content Marketing

Due to the flood of information and entertainment we have on social media. Interesting and quality content has become a valuable asset for every digital marketing agency. Because the more options audience have for consuming content, the harder gets to grab their attention.

So, individuals who can create and curate engaging content for a product or a company, and then make it viral on the internet, are considered as the most valuable assets of every digital marketing agency. In short, getting your hands on content marketing will provide you a valuable leverage to reach your audience.


The technique of Search Engine Optimization is a very crucial one. What is very unfortunate is that a lot of people believe that SEO is a dead branch of digital marketing. Where on the contrary, it is the most important one. However, the strategies to the SEO right are have changed a lot with the passage of time.

Now, SEO is not only about ranking your site on the first page of a search engine (mainly Google). Moreover, it is something which has to be evaluated on the daily basis taking all the technical requirements very seriously. Therefore, a qualified and skillful team of SEO is needed in every digital marketing agency.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is now considered outdated and useless but when done right it can be as effective as the social media itself. Many of the statistics of different marketing based researchers indicate incredible potential of email marketing. Plus , it is also an individual service you can offer to companies.


Analytics/ Data Driven Marketing

Analytics or as it is called in the modern language, Data-Driven Marketing is the core of every marketing campaign. Without tons of test, data tracking and analysis of audience behavior, you can simply not survive in the world of digital marketing. Without a team covering this mart of marketing, an agency can never survive.

6 Most Important SEO Tools for Better Marketing Empowerment

6 Most Important SEO Tools for Better Marketing Empowerment

In the world of digital marketing, SEO occupies the most value what so ever. Not only it is the key to actually boost the pace of evaluation of cyber networks but it is also the core of digital marketing companies in Karachi. And not just Karachi, the SEO is a worldwide phenomenon which is inevitable for a stable marketing position in the virtual world.

6 Most Important SEO Tools for Better Marketing Empowerment

But to do the SEO right, you need a few useful tools, most of which are free and easily accessible.  These tools save time and energy on an unimaginable level. Plus they are highly efficient and in a way necessary to master the art of Search Engine Optimization.  But having so many tools in the market, it can be difficult to know which one is the best for a specific task. Therefore, I have come up with a list of best SEO tools which are highly recommended by the experts and are extremely helpful.

Google Page Speed Insight

Google Page Speed insight is a tool to analyze the speed and usability of your site on different devices. When you enter a URL on Google Page Speed Insight, it will tell you the loading speed of your website on Desktop and mobile. Why is it important? Because nobody wants to wait for a web page to open, they will simply switch to another website which is poison for your own. Therefore, the loading speed must be good.


SEO services in Pakistan, and worldwide also, mostly depends on how accurate is their keyword usage. The best tool for compilation is With the help of this incredible tool, you can get more than 700 useful keywords.

Google Analytics

When it comes to analyzing your traffic, no tool is better than Google Analytics. In addition to tracking all the traffic at your site, it also provides useful insight into the keyword optimization and other factors.

Google Webmaster Tool

In order to stay away from any trouble and error on your site (which appear quite often), Google Webmaster is an essential tool. It is kind of an analytical server which detects each and every bug, error or indexing issues. And as Google is the top search engine, this tool is the key to know how compatible is your site with Google.

Google Keyword Planner

If you want to be sure of the keywords you are using or want to improve your keyword compilation, Google Keyword Planner can help you the best. It can provide all the concerned statistics, monthly search volume for your keyword strategy improvement.

Google Trends

A digital performance marketing agency is often based on doing SEO over the content written on current trends. Therefore, Google trend is an essential tool for every individual related to SEO and content department as it provides all the current trends going viral in different parts of the world.

Any other tool which you think is more useful for SEO?