Aimhiking around the world!

Aimhike is transcending geographical borders in true global fashion and taking your brand beyond boundaries with fortresses in Karachi, Pakistan and Texas, USA. Our creative warriors that reside in these fortresses defend our clients from all competitors!

Revolutionizing digital commerce!

Aimhike does not need to state its accomplishments and brand establishing capabilities, our accomplishments along with portfolio speaks for itself. Plus, it would be really lame if we engage in self-praise but we’ll admit, we just cannot help ourselves at times!

Meet our Creative Warriors and Digital Marketing Gurus

Sure, we may take a little too many coffee breaks, our lunch time is prolonged and we casually like to play dodging cars with our chairs, effectively annoying all visitors, but we are still good at what we do. Meet the misfits, outcasts and lovelies who make it all happen here at Aimhike!