Elevating brands to heights unseen

That is what we do. We Undertake brands and revitalize them and give them a whole new life by injecting them with a vital dose of digital performance marketing. Our work begins with the aim in mind to completely transform any brand that knocks on our door and make their dream of ruling the market come true to its real-life form. Our team starts each and every project coming our way with one end goal, to turn that brand into a market leader of its specific industry which makes us an emerging and eventually the leading digital performance marketing agency around. Aimhike, a leading digital marketing agency in Pakistan, thrives to establish the newbie brands as quick as digitally and humanly possible using a balanced mixture of recognized marketing elements and make them be in the game as well. We achieve what we do by providing a combination of superior talent and dynamic services which your brand needs in the competition.

Services We Provide

Aimhike provides numerous digital marketing solutions which can push any brand to its envisioned potential. From increasing your website’s search visibility to creating viral posts on your brand social media accounts, we are a digital performance marketing agency that knows how to utilize the resources of the Internet in the best possible way. We are a digital marketing agency that sees the biggest potential a brand can have and likewise deliver, to make the brands experience a ride that only takes them up the slope. The optimal blend of our marketers, designers, creative partnered with the required resources and technical knowledge of how things work, we help the brands feel a substantial positive change in their market presence.


Link-building is outdated. We politely ask the keywords to rank and eventually, they do. We won’t let old things linger on your website, our writers are famous for their magic content.

Pay Per Click

No one can tame the monster you know as “high CPC” like we do! We spare no effort to help marketers maximize their ROI with the minimal usage of PPC ads.

Email Marketing

Not bragging but the spam folder hates our well-constructed visually strong emails. Brands that come to us and rely on us with their email marketing strategy know what we are talking about.


Whether you are an e-commerce giant or a small business, we’ve got your back. Our strategies are tried and tested which you need to skyrocket your sales.


Day 29 at Aimhike: “Yay! I’m a brand now.” That pretty much sums up how we work on increasing the digital value of a business that deserves great branding.

Social Media

Viral Comic marketing, using GIFs in SMM, you name it we have pioneered it! It can be challenging to come up with fun and new social media campaigns, but thank your lucky stars that you have us to help!






Leisure Trips



Digital Marketing Agency

Aimhike is not your ordinary digital marketing agency, we are a performance marketing agency where our efforts harmonize with noticeable growth in the business and digital value of our clients.

Aimhike – Digital Marketing Agency

The importance of Digital Marketing agencies in Pakistan or anywhere in the world is not something unknown. Digital media marketing plays an integral part in bringing success to the business and outsourcing it continues to grow in popularity so that the company can continue to improve upon other activities that are core activities of the business. Creating an in-house team of digital marketers cannot be very favorable for the company sometimes, because it is not financially feasible for the company in case the team’s skills are not being utilized constantly. This is when a digital performance marketing agency like Aimhike comes for help for different businesses. Aimhike, with its highly skilled and experienced team of professional digital marketers, makes sure that the company it is dealing with, gets their word out and sales increased within their budget very effectively. With us, you will be fairly able to negotiate your rates and enjoy a complete control over all your outgoings.

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