Elevating brands to heights unseen

That is what we do. We Undertake brands and revitalize them by injecting them with a vital dose of digital performance marketing. Our team starts each project with one end goal, to turn that brand into a market leader of its specific industry which makes us an emerging digital marketing agency in Pakistan.

Presenting our Case Studies

Services We Provide

Aimhike provides numerous digital marketing solutions which can push any brand to its envisioned potential. From increasing your website’s search visibility to creating viral posts on your brands social media accounts, we are a digital performance marketing agency that knows how to utilize the resources of the Internet.


Link-building is outdated. We politely ask the keywords to rank and eventually, they do.

Pay Per Click

No one can tame the monster you know as “high CPC” like we do!

Email Marketing

Not bragging but the spam folder hates our well-constructed visually strong emails.

Social Media

Viral Comic Marketing, using GIFs in SMM, you name it we have pioneered it!


Whether you are e-commerce giant or a small business. We’ve got your back.


Day 29 at Aimhike: “ Yay! I’m a brand now.”






Leisure Trips



Digital Marketing Agency

Aimhike is not an ordinary agency; we are a performance marketing agency where our efforts harmonize with noticeable growth in the business and digital value of our clients.

Our Crew

What happens when a big group of creative minds brainstorm, plan, and execute together? Your brand becomes a hit!

Aimhike consists of professionals who adore their tea breaks and are obsessed with office picnics. However, when it’s time to walk the walk, there is no digital marketing agency as committed as us.

Intellect Unleashed

If Shakespeare, James Joyce and Virginia Woolf were digital marketers...they would probably form this blog. Now before you literature enthusiasts murder us hear us out! Aimhike’s blog focuses on everything, from guides on entrepreneurship and marketing tips to what’s hip in the world of advertising!